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Just a little short something really quick..

Clears throat..

For any who have visited the Phantom Elegance in-world shop,

well.. we moved.

Added here real quick link (so happy that copy/pasting exists)

The new location has been updated and so can always check it out when it will be completed.

I am still in the building stages of the small shop, and yes it will be a brand new looking shop too.

Reason for the sudden move was…

I wanted grass covered parcel and not sand.

I hear some mumbling of, “What is WRONG with sand?”

Well I do enjoy sand, in the real world. Virtual sand that I have seen is not much, it’s a texture of sand slapped on a mesh grid.

Plus I like the color of lawn, green and fresh looking.

So that wraps it up peeps, hope you drop on by sooner or later and omit the never.


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