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part 2 of the series Lyssa goes after her old enemies and plays for keeps

hours later Lyssa stood looking at the fountain lit with multi colored lights. Dannigan stepped beside her. “its time..” Dannigan said without preamble,” Padosa has been spotted.” “Where,” Lyssa demanded. “Rio,” Dannigan replied and passed her an envelope,” you’re clean so you’re a go.” “About damn time,” snarled Lyssa as she turned to walk away. “Lyssa…..” Dannigan called to her and said when she turned back,”This is more than just payback, its for all the marbles. get everything and Do Not Fail.”  Lyssa nodded grimly and faded into the shadows with only a tap of her heels and slight drift of perfume then was gone. to hunt down the man that destroyed a young man’s life.

Lyssa Kordenay; Model, Ballerina, Jet Setter, Spy, Assassin. hiding in plain sight she moves around to hot spots bringing her own brand of coldness.


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