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Misdirection in the Mediterranean cover

Model. ballerina, Spy and Assassin. Among those secrets she has some of her own. From the series: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions

Lyssa smiled and waved at her friend Arianna as she passed through the private customs gate. “Finally you come to visit Lyssa and I am on my way out, shame on you,”Arianna teased. ” Oh but I am only in for a couple of days on business then I’ll see you in Monaco, I promise,” Lyssa assured her friend. Arianna looked around then frowned,”no one is waiting for you?” “No, I’m doing for myself today. I’ll take a taxi to where i’ll be staying,” Lyssa answered. “oh please,” Arianna rolled her eyes,” I didn’t drive myself here, my driver will take you where you need to go. Look there he is now.” Tanned and in a casual dark suit the driver stepped up and nodded. “Well then, by all means, lead on to my friend’s grand chariot,” Lyssa joked earning a laugh from Arianna. At her nod the driver switched lyssa’s bags from the cart and place Arianna’s on it then took Lyssa’s to the limo outside and held the door for her. She mentioned the address to him as she slid into the car. It took a little over half an hour to get to the safe house then she was alone again. after settling her things Lyssa turned and looked out the window and watched the sunset, now was the waiting game.


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