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Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Latest in my architectural building ideas.


Still working on the details of its completion.


I honestly cannot say what style it is, it is very diverse in look.


Inspiration for this monstrous build, 6 levels to explore,


the many stairways, the ramps, rooms, and well plenty of glass to add some class.


A dear cherished guy who constructed his first large home-style virtual challenge.


The sheer size and his dream to make it interesting for many friends to explore and visit.


That was the start of this current high detailed construction.


I keep saying it will be done today, yet…


I keep finding ways to make it better than ever.


Since my trusting friend allows me free reign of his virtual homestead in Second Life,


I will likely display it on his land and include some landscaping to go well with the Dark Pride.


Sadistic as I am, here is a few teasers for the curious onlookers.



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