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Lyssa Kordenay: Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets; she has some of her own. a novel series in secondlife pick up yours today at the store.

Lala heard planes streak overhead but kept driving, they were almost to the beach. Lyssa looked to the frightened partygirl and said calmly,” doing good LaLa…get us to the beach.” “ok,” she stammered but drove on. Lyssa reached around and found a sparkly dress and started putting it on Beth, “LaLa I owe you a new dress but don’t worry, I’ll get something really special to replace this one.”She simply nodded trying not to wonder why her beautiful model and dancer friend was wearing all black with guns strapped to her thighs and having her drive an unconscious girl to the beach in the middle of the night. There were things about her she didn’t know and apparently they were very serious.


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