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Part 6 of the Lyssa Kordenay Missions
Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets she has some of her own

Lyssa once again stepped from the cigarette boat onto the dock and immediately the flashes began along with several ooh’s and aah’s down the carpet. The Skyfire gown had its designed effect, her friend would be overjoyed. At the interview area she dropped the designer’s name along with the name of the gown. She had intentionally went very sparse on her jewelry to not draw attention away from the gown. Her shoes and jewelry weren’t on loan and therefore not going to be plugged for exposure. The pale woman in the red dress caught her eye; she remembered her from the pool, simple blue off the rack bikini, yet a evening dress straight out of the Macy’s catalogue and costume jewelry, again she looked very out of place. The Nemesis operator was dressed appropriately though in an Italian suit of subdued color and tie. He wasn’t here for the premier, he was searching for somebody. His posture telegraphed it loud and clear that he was hunting and it was clear what he was looking for; another operator by the way he took note of the concealed weapons under fitted jackets and attitudes that didn’t belong but he was only looking at men. That would be his undoing, forgetting women. Speaking of which; the out of place tourist definitely bore closer scrutiny. later tonight.


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