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Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets….she has some of her own

Lyssa relaxed in the lounge chair listening to the soft footfalls approaching across the sand,”Welcome to grand cayman Major.” “very funny Lyssa, How’d you know it was me,” Danniga asked. “you didn’t ring the bell,” she replied finally turning to look at him. “Lyssa this is rather involved….” Dannigan left the sentence hanging.”Right…..ok,” Lyssa stood up and wrapped the towel around herself to cover up the fact she had been tanning nude then gestured him to follow inside where she picked up a robe and slipped it on in place of the towel. She stepped behind the bar and and poured a glass of ice water offering the same to Dannigan who nodded as he opened his case and brought out a file. That really got her attention, first he had come here unannounced and secondly not an electronic file. Dannigan passed a photo and began,”Chandler, William. formerly of special forces now a Nemesis operator, currently on hiatus due to being possibly compromised and missing his mark in a big way….he was looking for the DARPA mole as you were but missed out and instead of apprehending or eliminating the target..he slept with her and allowed escape.” “Oh jesus, he’s done,”Lyssa commented,”he’ll never get out of the dog house over this.” “yeah, if he’s lucky he’ll get reassigned to iceland or antarctica for ten years or so,”Dannigan agreed then passed another photo. “Who’s weasel,” Lyssa asked snarkily. “he belongs to the NSA, the genius that pulled chandler in to try for the mole, without any authorization,”


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