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Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets, she has some of her own.

Rodrick Mason walked out onto the deck and crossed over to the table and gave a low wolf whistle at the blonde wearing a strapless aqua dress. Lyssa laughed then stood up and hugged the pilot then sat back down as he held her chair then sat opposite her. “you never change…always ‘off the cover of a magazine’ and twice as sweet,” He commented. “And you…’ as daring as howard Hughes’ with ten times the charm,” She chuckled back. Breakfast was ordered and they made small talk before and during then after she paid the check they walked out onto the beach. Lyssa unfastenedd the ankle straps of her heels and held them in her hand as they walked along the edge of the damp sand just back from the surf. “So what’s the gig Lyssa, you have other means of getting around. You don’t call me unless its really big,” Rodrick asked. “Destination: Columbia,” Lyssa said as they stopped and she turned to face him. that got his attention. “But I need to do something else first, Indonesia…island of Flores to make a pick up,” she said flatly. “Flores? there’s nothing on Flores but…..what the hell do you want with those damn things,” Rodrick asked in disbelief.


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