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TF cover Rodrick whistled as he walked across the tarmac. that G-10 was an awesome bird and his would be delivered the following week to his private airfield in the Bahamas where he kept his other aircraft. Lyssa had finally found something to do besides train. Her morning triathalon would run most SEALs ragged. he accompanied her one morning and regreted it for a day and a half. He didn’t mind being the occasional punching bag as long as she didn’t get really nasty but he drew the line at her morning bout with self-inflicted masochism, the iron triatheletes would think twice before taking her on daily. In no time he was pulling his rental into the driveway then walking through the door. Wandering around he found her in the studio watching a video intently with a remote in her hand. this was new. she never watched anything in the studio/gym. She noticed him as he walked in and turned off the video,”enjoy your flight?” “handled like a dream, what’s up,” he asked nodding to the video she had been watching.”Old friend wanted me to look at a project,” she answered casually, “Well now that you’re back let’s get dinner.” “Sounds good but i want Italian,”Rodrick agreed. Lyssa stepped into her heels and picked up her purse then preceeded him to the door. The affectionate pat on her butt made her laugh but it was cut short when she opened the door and saw Dannigan about to knock. Rodrick was the first to speak,” You look vaguely familiar.” “good evening Captain,” Danigan answered. Dannigan looked at Lyssa, her face was a mask. Better than outright hostility, Dannigan thought to himself. Rodrick Mason didn’t know the man’s name right off the top of his head but he knew a super-grade Spook when he saw one and if he had to guess by Lyssa’s change of demeanor he wasn’t a handler, he was the control. That became a very sobering thought, that Lyssa was such an operative she didn’t have a handler. Translation- she was a high level liquidation specialist, not listed as an asset. the only question remaining now was why.


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