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cover Rodrick walked in and had to laugh. On the table was copy of german Vogue open, but the tv was on to a show dubbed in portugese with russian subtitles. Dinner definitely smelled latin. He stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her,”Sure that’s enough?” Lyssa laughed,”yeah, that’s mine, what are you having?” “Yours? I thought you ballerina model types did the whole ‘I’ll just have a salad and bottle of water’ routine,” He chuckled. “Only to fit french designs,” Lyssa commented,”you wish i was such a cheap date.” “yeah well after what you pulled on Paul. I definitely want to be on your good side when it comes to dinner,” Rodrick replied. Lyssa gave him an impish look. Rodrick washed his hands then set the table. They joked as they ate, then Lyssa collected the dishes and cleaned up. Rodrick watched her with a combination of puzzlement and lust, then it dawned on him. a set up, she wanted something. “Ok so what gives,” He asked. Lyssa smiled then asked,” Know a Randall Kagan?” Rodrick lost all humor,”That’s not a name to be casually tossed out Lyssa.” “I take that as a yes,” she remarked. “Yeah I know him, “Rodrick said as his face hardened. Lyssa decided not to beat around the bush,” a friend is a sales rep for a cigarette boat company, Kagan bought the boat but he’s only made the down payment, a local guy was sent to repo the boat. He’s in the hospital.” “Lucky guy,” Rodrick said,”Tell your friend to write boat off.” “Ok, you’re a SEAL and you’re giving this guy a side-step, what’s his story,” Lyssa asked. “he’s a smuggler and merc and gives both professions a bad name,” Rodrick remarked. Lyssa gave him a look that said she knew he wasn’t telling as much as she wanted. “this guy is super bad juju, used to be a SEAL. Specialty was ship to ship ops, still is. Hell he’s pretty much become a pirate,” he said with a look of distaste. Lyssa set out a satellite photo,”tell me about his place.” “aw shit you wanna do this, look…these things in the water. Those are sharks and yes they are known to have eaten people,” Rodrick explained,” he’s got low level radar but modified. he knows when somebody’s coming by air or sea and as for underwater, well you can’t get in there for obvious reasons swimming around.” “what about a HAHO jump,”She asked. “you are nuts, you’ll have to glide in at least twenty miles and land on the boat itself,” he exploded. She simply smirked at him. Exasparated Rodrick asked,” Ok smart ass, let’s say yes you did glide all the way in and yes you are a member of the lucky club landing on the boat itself. yippee. good for you. how you gonna get it out those bouys aren’t there for decor they mark a fence that rises 5 feet out of the water and there’s no remote to open it.” “I have a boyfriend that’s an awesome chopperjock and we can slingload the boat and me out,” Lyssa smirked. Rodrick groaned about finally having a girlfriend that understood his lifestyle but she turned out to be crazier than he’d ever been.


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