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It began with the motivational drive from my lovely SL daughter, Alecia Snowfall, to my all too often lazy backside, attached to Mystris Opaline. Seeing as we are both builders/creators/dreamers/doers (Alecia far more than me)/artists and so forth, Alecia was already on the sleuth for a place to ‘set up shop’. Cunning little misfit, approached me once having located in-world land for this possible investment of our time and efforts. Knowing full well I would not refuse such a request, she is very cute… too cute,  Alecia lured me to get off my rump roast and get involved. Seeing as she was busy with the details of renting space, I took my idle fingers and began the blending of her brand name and mine into what is now visible on the front page of this blog.

For the curious who want to see this virtual shop and what is available (Second Life account needed, free to create an avatar, comes with default clothes and basic starter necessities) can click this link

What can be found, what will eventually be available are…

Darkened Elegance:

Women clothes, commercial builds, residential builds, animations, textures, decor, furniture, and more


Fallen Petals:

Collectible decors with its own little extras. If wanting to know what these are, only one way to find out. ~ Smile ~


Phantom Papillon:

Commercial builds, residential builds, landscape, home and garden decor, furniture, petite architecture, and more


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