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I enjoy creating, inventing, and building various structures, decors, and what I am able to accomplish from what my imagination conjures. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere, mainly with the people I meet, I tend to listen more than I speak, yet can have much to say on occasion. I am a rather private person until having known someone for some time, I guess I can label myself as being shy... blush! Looking forward to seeing what adventures will be found along the way.

It is that time again where excitement, carolers, dieting to be able to eat plenty and preparations are taking place in time for Christmas. While everyone is rushing about to finish their list of who is nice and who has been naughty, why not get comfortably seated on the sofa, prop your feet and simply relax next to the warmth of a fire in its festive fireplace. Let your mind drift off to the gentle flickering of performing flames while the soft yet distinct audible snap and pop of logs under the pressure of those dancing flames lull you to sleep.

Watch the play of light over the stockings, wonder at how Santa can ever fit all the names of good children, young and old, into a single list. Admire the simple crystal angel with spread wings to send message of peace and joy to all who sees it. Cannot ignore the vibrant red and life of the poinsettia that colors the mantle of this well carved fireplace. No worries of not having enough light when there is a candelabra on the ready for any loss of electricity.

Choices available is shown here. Can be viewed in-world at..



Designed to compliment well with the Dark Pride Tower by adding to the imposing structure an aura of refined status. Cognac colored leather is smooth to the touch, the smooth grain of natural walnut wood sanded and polished to a lustre boasts of quiet pride. Comfortably seated, set your favorite beverage on the finely etched frosted glass table top resting on finely selected walnut wood polished to the same lustre as the wood on the chairs. Soft velvet cushions to rest more comfortably tired backs as well as add a splash of color to the leather and wood. Matching to the cushions is a rug of velvet to rest tired feet and keep them nice and warm from the cold floor. To top things off, a table lamp of cognac colored leather laced lamp shade is held into shape and place with tinted metal frame along with hand crafted lamp base made from walnut wood. Note that the darker cognac leather chair is for the gentleman deep of character.

Options of 3 designs for varied tastes; A, B, or C. Set A can be seen in-world and purchased at Phantom Elegance

Also located for purchase in marketplace at Phantom Papillon

Old style double bed with rich warm feather down duvet,

velvet cushions with matching blanket,

quality mattress sheet and pillow cases, down filled pillows,

softest fur throw for extra cold nights. Aged wood base and headboard.

Aged wood treated, cut, sanded, lightly stained and polished for a warm luxury look to a bedroom.

Gives off a nice subtle woodsy odor to relax the mind. Constructed to be sturdy and durable.

Currently available in Second Life in-world

and in market-place

Second Life
Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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This is the featured Picture. One more art designed under the banner of boredom.

Was reading Alecia’s riveting novel and simply came up with this design.

I was too slow in creating this for a possible cover of one of her novels, ah well.

Wanted a lamp that was not ordinary, a lamp that would catch notice,

a lamp that would go beyond its bright capacity and be noticed as part of the decor,

a lamp that can be easily cleaned. This was it.

Neon lighting that illuminates while catching more than a single glance from any who gazed onto it.

Got lost in the future and found the way back to the beanbag simplicity.

This inspiration goes to a customer who unknowingly sparked this very simple style while having invited me to visit his space. As for the name, been snooping about the net searching for some cool  name for this furniture, got lazy and so came up with… ( check out the title… points towards the top of post).

Concept is a smokey black egg-shaped glass (reinforced to not crack under weight) cocoon to hold the large beanbag cushion. The footing of the chair and love-seat is nicely polished stainless steel. As can be seen, the halo of neon helps a direct the rump to sit and not miss the seat. The beanbag fabric has a nice little glow to it, giving the illusion that the neon lighting is passing through the cushion. The brightest beanbag chair is for the brave who wants a neon plasma look to their room with all the typical cozy comforts.



Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Wanting to wish all a spooky and freakish yet lively Halloween.


Been feeling lazy lately, and booted myself into action.


Needed a boost and this is a starting point from my short break.


Curious to know what you dressed as and also what you have done for the 31st.


Leave comment of the fun you have had or time spent quietly.




Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is almost here,

designed furniture set for to the Neo*Orbit club.

Also to come soon to come the LunAteks furniture set.

Both matching in style with each their own personality within it.

Hope to get it all completed by the end of the weekend,

or at the most, the beginning of the week.

Here are a few little tidbits of what is in the creating.

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Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Autumn still has its hold on me.


Cannot seem to break free of this season, I am not complaining.


In fact, it is a large source of inspiration for being creative.


This latest creation has been designed with couples in mind.


What better time spent than sitting under a tree with its autumn colors


as friends, as couple, as a bonded pair.


This particular creation is moderate, there is a more naughty version available for the playful.


Still becoming familiar with the animations I have as well as the animating system for those anims.


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The sight of this title would most likely have one wondering …

What is unusual about quintuplets except for its number ?

Well …..

To answer quickly,

They are not human, they are skeletons.

Being October and closing in towards Halloween, I couldn’t resist creating these bony figures.

They need no feeding, each comes with their own bed coffin,

and they are as silent as the grave they got buried in.

Only concern to watch out for is they may attract the attention of dogs.

Dogs may attempt to run off with a limb.

Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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