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Category Archives: Fallen Petals

The starting point where petals of ideas fall into waiting hands to crystallize a vision and make it true.

~ Barbed Heart ~

The starting point for this collection.

Life makes the heart pulse with every beat…

each experience gives way to emotions that make the heart bloom,

very much like that of a rose.

Thus far this is a complex collection set,

emotions both gentle and harsh shapes the outcome of each heart.

In this I hope to convey what many may feel, have felt, and surmounted.

With each captive heart, comes with it an essence of how it came to be,

and hidden gifts for the collector.


______Barb-wire Cross Cherrie Rose______

What madness drove me to start creating this collection.

So many ideas lead to this beginning, and this cross was the first to set it all off.

Was googling around for images when I came across a drawing of a barb-wire cross,

not far from that simple drawing was a photo of a rose near barb-wires.

This combination and then the simple words from my dear Alecia.. “I have begun to write short stories again”

began my long painstaking challenge of creating of the crosses and its personal tale.

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