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Category Archives: Variant Studio

A virtual outlet for colorful and monochromatic images created by the burst of ideas. Still longs ways to attain perfection, yet still able to enjoy the flaws that makes it unique all the while marking the stage of evolution in the process of becoming apt with graphics.

This is the featured Picture. One more art designed under the banner of boredom.

Was reading Alecia’s riveting novel and simply came up with this design.

I was too slow in creating this for a possible cover of one of her novels, ah well.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Wanting to wish all a spooky and freakish yet lively Halloween.


Been feeling lazy lately, and booted myself into action.


Needed a boost and this is a starting point from my short break.


Curious to know what you dressed as and also what you have done for the 31st.


Leave comment of the fun you have had or time spent quietly.




Graphic programs can hold so much potential, interest, appeal, and flexibility in assisting an artist go beyond the boundary of traditional creativity. The tools at the disposition for any artist is plenty, it can be found free to costly, with the choices of being simple or very complex. There is an ever-growing interest to find new methods to meet the basic needs to express one’s creative soul in a positive way to overstep the barriers which holds one down. Scary as it may be confusing at first, the only way to be variant is to be daring.

This slide-show is just a tiny taste of what could be done with such enriching programs.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I welcome creative criticism, opinions, tidbits of techniques that would further the growth of learning and push the mind a step ahead of the limits.


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