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cover Rodrick walked in and had to laugh. On the table was copy of german Vogue open, but the tv was on to a show dubbed in portugese with russian subtitles. Dinner definitely smelled latin. He stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her,”Sure that’s enough?” Lyssa laughed,”yeah, that’s mine, what are you having?” “Yours? I thought you ballerina model types did the whole ‘I’ll just have a salad and bottle of water’ routine,” He chuckled. “Only to fit french designs,” Lyssa commented,”you wish i was such a cheap date.” “yeah well after what you pulled on Paul. I definitely want to be on your good side when it comes to dinner,” Rodrick replied. Lyssa gave him an impish look. Rodrick washed his hands then set the table. They joked as they ate, then Lyssa collected the dishes and cleaned up. Rodrick watched her with a combination of puzzlement and lust, then it dawned on him. a set up, she wanted something. “Ok so what gives,” He asked. Lyssa smiled then asked,” Know a Randall Kagan?” Rodrick lost all humor,”That’s not a name to be casually tossed out Lyssa.” “I take that as a yes,” she remarked. “Yeah I know him, “Rodrick said as his face hardened. Lyssa decided not to beat around the bush,” a friend is a sales rep for a cigarette boat company, Kagan bought the boat but he’s only made the down payment, a local guy was sent to repo the boat. He’s in the hospital.” “Lucky guy,” Rodrick said,”Tell your friend to write boat off.” “Ok, you’re a SEAL and you’re giving this guy a side-step, what’s his story,” Lyssa asked. “he’s a smuggler and merc and gives both professions a bad name,” Rodrick remarked. Lyssa gave him a look that said she knew he wasn’t telling as much as she wanted. “this guy is super bad juju, used to be a SEAL. Specialty was ship to ship ops, still is. Hell he’s pretty much become a pirate,” he said with a look of distaste. Lyssa set out a satellite photo,”tell me about his place.” “aw shit you wanna do this, look…these things in the water. Those are sharks and yes they are known to have eaten people,” Rodrick explained,” he’s got low level radar but modified. he knows when somebody’s coming by air or sea and as for underwater, well you can’t get in there for obvious reasons swimming around.” “what about a HAHO jump,”She asked. “you are nuts, you’ll have to glide in at least twenty miles and land on the boat itself,” he exploded. She simply smirked at him. Exasparated Rodrick asked,” Ok smart ass, let’s say yes you did glide all the way in and yes you are a member of the lucky club landing on the boat itself. yippee. good for you. how you gonna get it out those bouys aren’t there for decor they mark a fence that rises 5 feet out of the water and there’s no remote to open it.” “I have a boyfriend that’s an awesome chopperjock and we can slingload the boat and me out,” Lyssa smirked. Rodrick groaned about finally having a girlfriend that understood his lifestyle but she turned out to be crazier than he’d ever been.


TF cover Rodrick whistled as he walked across the tarmac. that G-10 was an awesome bird and his would be delivered the following week to his private airfield in the Bahamas where he kept his other aircraft. Lyssa had finally found something to do besides train. Her morning triathalon would run most SEALs ragged. he accompanied her one morning and regreted it for a day and a half. He didn’t mind being the occasional punching bag as long as she didn’t get really nasty but he drew the line at her morning bout with self-inflicted masochism, the iron triatheletes would think twice before taking her on daily. In no time he was pulling his rental into the driveway then walking through the door. Wandering around he found her in the studio watching a video intently with a remote in her hand. this was new. she never watched anything in the studio/gym. She noticed him as he walked in and turned off the video,”enjoy your flight?” “handled like a dream, what’s up,” he asked nodding to the video she had been watching.”Old friend wanted me to look at a project,” she answered casually, “Well now that you’re back let’s get dinner.” “Sounds good but i want Italian,”Rodrick agreed. Lyssa stepped into her heels and picked up her purse then preceeded him to the door. The affectionate pat on her butt made her laugh but it was cut short when she opened the door and saw Dannigan about to knock. Rodrick was the first to speak,” You look vaguely familiar.” “good evening Captain,” Danigan answered. Dannigan looked at Lyssa, her face was a mask. Better than outright hostility, Dannigan thought to himself. Rodrick Mason didn’t know the man’s name right off the top of his head but he knew a super-grade Spook when he saw one and if he had to guess by Lyssa’s change of demeanor he wasn’t a handler, he was the control. That became a very sobering thought, that Lyssa was such an operative she didn’t have a handler. Translation- she was a high level liquidation specialist, not listed as an asset. the only question remaining now was why.

Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets, she has some of her own.

Rodrick Mason walked out onto the deck and crossed over to the table and gave a low wolf whistle at the blonde wearing a strapless aqua dress. Lyssa laughed then stood up and hugged the pilot then sat back down as he held her chair then sat opposite her. “you never change…always ‘off the cover of a magazine’ and twice as sweet,” He commented. “And you…’ as daring as howard Hughes’ with ten times the charm,” She chuckled back. Breakfast was ordered and they made small talk before and during then after she paid the check they walked out onto the beach. Lyssa unfastenedd the ankle straps of her heels and held them in her hand as they walked along the edge of the damp sand just back from the surf. “So what’s the gig Lyssa, you have other means of getting around. You don’t call me unless its really big,” Rodrick asked. “Destination: Columbia,” Lyssa said as they stopped and she turned to face him. that got his attention. “But I need to do something else first, Indonesia…island of Flores to make a pick up,” she said flatly. “Flores? there’s nothing on Flores but…..what the hell do you want with those damn things,” Rodrick asked in disbelief.

Lyssa Kordenay: Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets; she has some of her own. a novel series in secondlife pick up yours today at the store.

Lala heard planes streak overhead but kept driving, they were almost to the beach. Lyssa looked to the frightened partygirl and said calmly,” doing good LaLa…get us to the beach.” “ok,” she stammered but drove on. Lyssa reached around and found a sparkly dress and started putting it on Beth, “LaLa I owe you a new dress but don’t worry, I’ll get something really special to replace this one.”She simply nodded trying not to wonder why her beautiful model and dancer friend was wearing all black with guns strapped to her thighs and having her drive an unconscious girl to the beach in the middle of the night. There were things about her she didn’t know and apparently they were very serious.

Danigan sent a secure untraceable message to the director of the CIA: action underway. He then buzzed Madison,”Start monitoring columbia, eyes, ears, every bit of chatter to and from.” “yes sir,”She answered. then said a quick silent prayer, a butterfly was being sent into Hell. the Steel Butterfly. Hopefully she could withstand the fires again.

Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin among those secrets she has some of her own
Part 3 of the series The Lyssa Kordenay Missions

part 2 of the series Lyssa goes after her old enemies and plays for keeps

hours later Lyssa stood looking at the fountain lit with multi colored lights. Dannigan stepped beside her. “its time..” Dannigan said without preamble,” Padosa has been spotted.” “Where,” Lyssa demanded. “Rio,” Dannigan replied and passed her an envelope,” you’re clean so you’re a go.” “About damn time,” snarled Lyssa as she turned to walk away. “Lyssa…..” Dannigan called to her and said when she turned back,”This is more than just payback, its for all the marbles. get everything and Do Not Fail.”  Lyssa nodded grimly and faded into the shadows with only a tap of her heels and slight drift of perfume then was gone. to hunt down the man that destroyed a young man’s life.

Lyssa Kordenay; Model, Ballerina, Jet Setter, Spy, Assassin. hiding in plain sight she moves around to hot spots bringing her own brand of coldness.

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