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This is the featured Picture. One more art designed under the banner of boredom.

Was reading Alecia’s riveting novel and simply came up with this design.

I was too slow in creating this for a possible cover of one of her novels, ah well.



Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Autumn still has its hold on me.


Cannot seem to break free of this season, I am not complaining.


In fact, it is a large source of inspiration for being creative.


This latest creation has been designed with couples in mind.


What better time spent than sitting under a tree with its autumn colors


as friends, as couple, as a bonded pair.


This particular creation is moderate, there is a more naughty version available for the playful.


Still becoming familiar with the animations I have as well as the animating system for those anims.


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Graphic programs can hold so much potential, interest, appeal, and flexibility in assisting an artist go beyond the boundary of traditional creativity. The tools at the disposition for any artist is plenty, it can be found free to costly, with the choices of being simple or very complex. There is an ever-growing interest to find new methods to meet the basic needs to express one’s creative soul in a positive way to overstep the barriers which holds one down. Scary as it may be confusing at first, the only way to be variant is to be daring.

This slide-show is just a tiny taste of what could be done with such enriching programs.


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I welcome creative criticism, opinions, tidbits of techniques that would further the growth of learning and push the mind a step ahead of the limits.


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