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Wanted a lamp that was not ordinary, a lamp that would catch notice,

a lamp that would go beyond its bright capacity and be noticed as part of the decor,

a lamp that can be easily cleaned. This was it.

Neon lighting that illuminates while catching more than a single glance from any who gazed onto it.


Got lost in the future and found the way back to the beanbag simplicity.

This inspiration goes to a customer who unknowingly sparked this very simple style while having invited me to visit his space. As for the name, been snooping about the net searching for some cool  name for this furniture, got lazy and so came up with… ( check out the title… points towards the top of post).

Concept is a smokey black egg-shaped glass (reinforced to not crack under weight) cocoon to hold the large beanbag cushion. The footing of the chair and love-seat is nicely polished stainless steel. As can be seen, the halo of neon helps a direct the rump to sit and not miss the seat. The beanbag fabric has a nice little glow to it, giving the illusion that the neon lighting is passing through the cushion. The brightest beanbag chair is for the brave who wants a neon plasma look to their room with all the typical cozy comforts.


Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is almost here,

designed furniture set for to the Neo*Orbit club.

Also to come soon to come the LunAteks furniture set.

Both matching in style with each their own personality within it.

Hope to get it all completed by the end of the weekend,

or at the most, the beginning of the week.

Here are a few little tidbits of what is in the creating.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Do not get mistaken by the name of this structure…

Inspiration for this architecture including its name.

Was listening to trance tunes and playing around with my art program brushes, also

came up with an idea when I accidentally made use of near transparent shadow texture for effect.

The design on the front doors for this build was the source of the chosen name,

and possibly the help of not enough sleeping hours.

_________Cyber Neo*Orbit_________

An inspiration that came to me and made possible to be built in 3D within Second Life.

What motivated me to create this structure…

The start of Henmation’s latest Industrial dance animations with the help of some great fast-pace techno tunes.

Mood while in process of this architecture…

While my avi was performing those hot dances and my ears being lead into the deeper forms of inspiration with each beat,

the building and placement of prims, sculpts, textures and scripts made this vision possible.

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