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This is the featured Picture. One more art designed under the banner of boredom.

Was reading Alecia’s riveting novel and simply came up with this design.

I was too slow in creating this for a possible cover of one of her novels, ah well.

Apples in autumn

Apples in autumn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: ornamental pumpkins

English: ornamental pumpkins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~ Autumn Oak ~

It is the time where trees reveal their many hues,

displaying rich reds, orange, gold and soft green.
Falling leaves, paint the earth giving way to childish pleasures.

Harvest the bounty and never forget, it comes around once a year.

Apples for the picking and pumpkins waiting to be used,

preparing for its dormant state.


Lets see…

I began another old forgotten project that has been buried and impatiently waiting to be created.

Not sure when this one will be completed, hopefully soon… like say…

ready for the weekend… perhaps (if all goes well).

I decided a teaser might help the curious minds to work harder.

I can almost hear the cogs and mechanics of thoughts imagining the possibilities.

Alright here it is…

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