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This is the featured Picture. One more art designed under the banner of boredom.

Was reading Alecia’s riveting novel and simply came up with this design.

I was too slow in creating this for a possible cover of one of her novels, ah well.


The sight of this title would most likely have one wondering …

What is unusual about quintuplets except for its number ?

Well …..

To answer quickly,

They are not human, they are skeletons.

Being October and closing in towards Halloween, I couldn’t resist creating these bony figures.

They need no feeding, each comes with their own bed coffin,

and they are as silent as the grave they got buried in.

Only concern to watch out for is they may attract the attention of dogs.

Dogs may attempt to run off with a limb.

Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets see…

I began another old forgotten project that has been buried and impatiently waiting to be created.

Not sure when this one will be completed, hopefully soon… like say…

ready for the weekend… perhaps (if all goes well).

I decided a teaser might help the curious minds to work harder.

I can almost hear the cogs and mechanics of thoughts imagining the possibilities.

Alright here it is…

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