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Designed to compliment well with the Dark Pride Tower by adding to the imposing structure an aura of refined status. Cognac colored leather is smooth to the touch, the smooth grain of natural walnut wood sanded and polished to a lustre boasts of quiet pride. Comfortably seated, set your favorite beverage on the finely etched frosted glass table top resting on finely selected walnut wood polished to the same lustre as the wood on the chairs. Soft velvet cushions to rest more comfortably tired backs as well as add a splash of color to the leather and wood. Matching to the cushions is a rug of velvet to rest tired feet and keep them nice and warm from the cold floor. To top things off, a table lamp of cognac colored leather laced lamp shade is held into shape and place with tinted metal frame along with hand crafted lamp base made from walnut wood. Note that the darker cognac leather chair is for the gentleman deep of character.

Options of 3 designs for varied tastes; A, B, or C. Set A can be seen in-world and purchased at Phantom Elegance

Also located for purchase in marketplace at Phantom Papillon

Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is almost here,

designed furniture set for to the Neo*Orbit club.

Also to come soon to come the LunAteks furniture set.

Both matching in style with each their own personality within it.

Hope to get it all completed by the end of the weekend,

or at the most, the beginning of the week.

Here are a few little tidbits of what is in the creating.

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Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quite a mouthful for the name of this latest virtual structure.


This creation began with my playing about with some bones and medieval architecture.


It is one of the Dark themed projects that has surfaced in my mind.


Took a while to get this one close to how I want it.


Most likely will throw myself into a very detailed and very complex version …


… eventually.


For now this project and the variations of this build’s available options will have to do.


Not the average tomb,


Not the usual site for a cemetery,


Most of all, creepy to consider a burial ground of the deceased as a garden.




Eeny meeny miny moe
touch a headstone for a coffin show
scream and flee if weak of heart
touch again for its farewell
bravo to the brave of heart
eeny meeny miny moe




Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Proud and elated at the completion of this architectural project.


I can honestly say, this structure was one of the few which posed a challenge to me.


I have come close to erasing the existence of this project, yet..


stubbornly clung on and saw it through to the end.


Each level has its own unique difference while still able to uniform the tower’s interior.


For those with a Second Life account, can take liberty to visit and view the Dark Pride.


The name for this particular building was based by the dark concrete selected for the exterior,


the dark burnt orange of its interior, and the over all height of the build that is tall and proud.


Mind, to those with plumbing skills and experience,


you will find flaws in the piping system which is very simply put together.


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Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Latest in my architectural building ideas.


Still working on the details of its completion.


I honestly cannot say what style it is, it is very diverse in look.


Inspiration for this monstrous build, 6 levels to explore,


the many stairways, the ramps, rooms, and well plenty of glass to add some class.


A dear cherished guy who constructed his first large home-style virtual challenge.


The sheer size and his dream to make it interesting for many friends to explore and visit.


That was the start of this current high detailed construction.


I keep saying it will be done today, yet…


I keep finding ways to make it better than ever.


Since my trusting friend allows me free reign of his virtual homestead in Second Life,


I will likely display it on his land and include some landscaping to go well with the Dark Pride.


Sadistic as I am, here is a few teasers for the curious onlookers.


Seasons change from summer fun to colors delight.

Autumn is always a favorite season,

The blends of colors rich and bright.

A time where one can harvest and celebrate the fruits of hard work.

This is a time for where my dormant nature starts awakening.

Enough with the chit chat…

A simple common joy that could be a light of pleasure and nourishment for the imagination.


Second Life

Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just could not resist using this title for this particular project.


It was something that has been in my to-do list for some time.


Yay! Finally got to it, even though I skipped over many other projects.


Curious to know what it is that brought this on?


Even if you are not in the least bit curious…


Will still tell you.. muahhahaha


Virtual furniture designs with variety of color schemes and styles.


That is correct, furniture that can be used by virtual barbies.


Specifically they can be found in Second Life.


A world where creativity is limited by the limit of resources and imagination.


Each chair, love seat and sofa/couch has scripted animations for effects of realism.


Currently have a complete set on display in-world

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