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Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets she has some of her own

Draga dropped his pistol to the floor then slowly opened the door, eased out and saw the beautiful blonde model’s face, cold and expressionless with bright eyes that almost glowed in the dim light. she took a pair of handcuffs brought by the smaller girl and cuffed him to the front end of the car, searched him like an expert then went into the house and returned a few moments later clad in form fitted black and boots. “go inside. He and I are going to have a chat,”Lyssa said softly staring intently at Draga. He knew she was going to interrogate him. He knew this wasn’t going to be a police matter when she pulled a long bladed knife from the back of her thigh. She closed in and hissed,” Answers. speak or scream them.”


Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets, She has some of her own

Sali froze feeling the cold blade deep inside her chest, Lyssa’s steel grey eyes looking deep into hers. “Past the gates; before the devil’s throne. My regards to your husband, enjoy your rewards,” Lyssa whispered then yanked the knife free making blood gush from the wound.Sali looked from the wound and her blood soaking the dirt to the sky and pleaded softly,” Noooo.” Lyssa stepped closer and whispered into sali’s ear, “I’m being kind, the death you deserve shouldn’t be this quick and clean.”

Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets….she has some of her own

Lyssa relaxed in the lounge chair listening to the soft footfalls approaching across the sand,”Welcome to grand cayman Major.” “very funny Lyssa, How’d you know it was me,” Danniga asked. “you didn’t ring the bell,” she replied finally turning to look at him. “Lyssa this is rather involved….” Dannigan left the sentence hanging.”Right…..ok,” Lyssa stood up and wrapped the towel around herself to cover up the fact she had been tanning nude then gestured him to follow inside where she picked up a robe and slipped it on in place of the towel. She stepped behind the bar and and poured a glass of ice water offering the same to Dannigan who nodded as he opened his case and brought out a file. That really got her attention, first he had come here unannounced and secondly not an electronic file. Dannigan passed a photo and began,”Chandler, William. formerly of special forces now a Nemesis operator, currently on hiatus due to being possibly compromised and missing his mark in a big way….he was looking for the DARPA mole as you were but missed out and instead of apprehending or eliminating the target..he slept with her and allowed escape.” “Oh jesus, he’s done,”Lyssa commented,”he’ll never get out of the dog house over this.” “yeah, if he’s lucky he’ll get reassigned to iceland or antarctica for ten years or so,”Dannigan agreed then passed another photo. “Who’s weasel,” Lyssa asked snarkily. “he belongs to the NSA, the genius that pulled chandler in to try for the mole, without any authorization,”

Part 6 of the Lyssa Kordenay Missions
Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets she has some of her own

Lyssa once again stepped from the cigarette boat onto the dock and immediately the flashes began along with several ooh’s and aah’s down the carpet. The Skyfire gown had its designed effect, her friend would be overjoyed. At the interview area she dropped the designer’s name along with the name of the gown. She had intentionally went very sparse on her jewelry to not draw attention away from the gown. Her shoes and jewelry weren’t on loan and therefore not going to be plugged for exposure. The pale woman in the red dress caught her eye; she remembered her from the pool, simple blue off the rack bikini, yet a evening dress straight out of the Macy’s catalogue and costume jewelry, again she looked very out of place. The Nemesis operator was dressed appropriately though in an Italian suit of subdued color and tie. He wasn’t here for the premier, he was searching for somebody. His posture telegraphed it loud and clear that he was hunting and it was clear what he was looking for; another operator by the way he took note of the concealed weapons under fitted jackets and attitudes that didn’t belong but he was only looking at men. That would be his undoing, forgetting women. Speaking of which; the out of place tourist definitely bore closer scrutiny. later tonight.

Lyssa Kordenay: Model, Ballerina, Spy, Assassin. Among those secrets; she has some of her own. a novel series in secondlife pick up yours today at the store.

Lala heard planes streak overhead but kept driving, they were almost to the beach. Lyssa looked to the frightened partygirl and said calmly,” doing good LaLa…get us to the beach.” “ok,” she stammered but drove on. Lyssa reached around and found a sparkly dress and started putting it on Beth, “LaLa I owe you a new dress but don’t worry, I’ll get something really special to replace this one.”She simply nodded trying not to wonder why her beautiful model and dancer friend was wearing all black with guns strapped to her thighs and having her drive an unconscious girl to the beach in the middle of the night. There were things about her she didn’t know and apparently they were very serious.

Misdirection in the Mediterranean cover

Model. ballerina, Spy and Assassin. Among those secrets she has some of her own. From the series: The Lyssa Kordenay Missions

Lyssa smiled and waved at her friend Arianna as she passed through the private customs gate. “Finally you come to visit Lyssa and I am on my way out, shame on you,”Arianna teased. ” Oh but I am only in for a couple of days on business then I’ll see you in Monaco, I promise,” Lyssa assured her friend. Arianna looked around then frowned,”no one is waiting for you?” “No, I’m doing for myself today. I’ll take a taxi to where i’ll be staying,” Lyssa answered. “oh please,” Arianna rolled her eyes,” I didn’t drive myself here, my driver will take you where you need to go. Look there he is now.” Tanned and in a casual dark suit the driver stepped up and nodded. “Well then, by all means, lead on to my friend’s grand chariot,” Lyssa joked earning a laugh from Arianna. At her nod the driver switched lyssa’s bags from the cart and place Arianna’s on it then took Lyssa’s to the limo outside and held the door for her. She mentioned the address to him as she slid into the car. It took a little over half an hour to get to the safe house then she was alone again. after settling her things Lyssa turned and looked out the window and watched the sunset, now was the waiting game.

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